Dev Roulette CSS Live

Dev Roulette is a conversation between Stephanie Eckles and up to two mystery guests about topics that are particularly important to front-end developers including: CSS, JS, and Accessibility.

All invited guests are community-minded contributors who have a record of uplifting others while striving to move the web forward.

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Past Shows

Catch up on past shows over on the Dev Roulette YouTube Channel

Watch Live on Twitch

Dev Roulette will be live and hosted on Stephanie's Twitch channel and live-captioned with AI. Recordings will be moved to YouTube and include verified transcripts.

Stream dates and times will be posted here, and you can also sign-up for email notifications.

Watch on Twitch

How is it "Roulette"?

Because invite-only guests "roll the dice" on who their mystery partner will be and spin a virtual wheel to select their topic!

Will there be coding?

Maybe! It depends on the topic and whether the guests choose to create a demo to support the conversation.